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Documentation for the various methods of getting network access.

Security Policy

When any device is to be connected to the network, it is implied that the users and designated System Administrator(s) have read and agree to abide by the CCGB/BX Network Security Policy.

Wall Port Activation

Before you can gain access to our wired network, you must find an active wall port. If the port you wish to use is not active, you must request activation. Send an email to admin-at-bx.psu.edu with the following information:

  • Wallport number, of the form A0???
  • Room number
  • Justification for requesting a wired network connection instead of using wireless.


802.1x network authentication is available in Wartik Lab for wired connections. This uses your BX username/password to authenticate your computer to the network. This is most useful for laptops and devices that will only have a single user.

Configuring 802.1x

Static/DHCP MAC-based

For those computers or devices (like printers, lab equipment, etc) which do not support 802.1x, and which also will not be managed by BX IT staff, they can be placed on a dedicated network for unmanaged devices using the MAC address for authentication.

To request a Static/DHCP Network Connection, you may either use the online form, or print out a PDF form and turn it into 507 Wartik:


There are a multitude of wireless access points throughout Wartik lab. These currently broadcast the old pennstate wireless network, which requires use of the VPN.

Instructions on connecting to the pennstate wireless network: http://wireless.psu.edu/using.html

We are working to bring the new psu 802.1x wireless network as well as the AT&T visitor wireless network to Wartik lab. Depending on your location within the building, you might be able to connect to the psu wireless being broadcast from one of the adjacent networks, but signal strength and reliability obviously can't be guaranteed.