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Wartik Lab

Wartik is located in the center of campus, behind Boucke, Chemistry, and Fenske. The Center's facilities can be accessed via the elevator lobby entrance on the North corner of the building. The first floor is comprised of classrooms and this area has its own entrances along the Northeast and Southwest sides of the building - the Center's facilities are not accessible from these entrances.

Wartik Lab Addresses

Visitor Parking

There are a few metered lots near Wartik Lab at which visitors may park. The meters take quarters only and give 15 minutes for each quarter inserted. Meters are located on the parking map where you find a red parking meter icon. Maximum parking times at meters vary from 1-2 hours. Parking in a faculty/staff parking lot without a permit is not advisable as the University patrols these lots and tickets frequently.

For longer visits, you may park in the East Parking Deck (not labeled, but it is the large building Northwest of and attached to the Food Science Building/Berkey Creamery). The entrance is along Bigler Road. Parking is $1/hr and the only limitation is that overnight parking is prohibited.

For more information about parking, see the Penn State Parking Office.

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