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DNS configuration is stored in /afs/bx.psu.edu/service/dns

Production data is stored under prod/

Each dns server (ns1, ns2, ns3) runs a script every minute that creates a new PAG, gets a kerberos ticket, afs token, and then runs /afs/bx.psu.edu/service/dns/scripts/cron-update-dns.sh. This copies over named.conf, and rsyncs the zone files, performing an rndc reload only if necessary.

/afs/bx.psu.edu/service/dns/scripts/export-to-prod.sh is used to perform a git pull under prod/, then releases the svc.dns volume.

To make changes to dns:

  • git clone /afs/.bx.psu.edu/service/dns/bxdns.git
  • make changes
  • git commit [<filename> -m <comment>|-a -m <comment>]
  • git push
  • make prod

Afterwards, make sure to do a git pull, or a git fetch followed by a get merge afterwards to help avoid merge conflicts when pushing to the central repository.