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This template, along with two others, are used for the table on BXadmin:Services#Cheat Sheet.


This markup:


| hostname = kaylee
| power    = {{Power/PDU-23}}
| hardware = IBM x3550 7978AC1 (amd64)
| os       = Scientific Linux 6.2 (6.1 kernel)
| services = [[bxadmin:rancid|rancid]], [[bxadmin:cacti|cacti]], [[bxadmin:ganglia|ganglia]], [[bxadmin:arpwatch|arpwatch]], [[bxadmin:conserver|conserver]], [[bxadmin:Cfengine|cfmaster]], syslog-ng
| comments = has network interfaces ''on every VLAN'' for arpwatch


produces this table:

Hostname Power Hardware OS Services Comments
kaylee PDU-23 / UPS-14

(Not on backup power)

IBM x3550 7978AC1 (amd64) Scientific Linux 6.2 (6.1 kernel) rancid, cacti, ganglia, arpwatch, conserver, cfmaster, syslog-ng has network interfaces on every VLAN for arpwatch