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Notes to Successor

This is a note to whoever takes the role of sysadmin after me.


AFS reports incorrect values for the size of files, volumes, and partitions over 2TB. This can be annoying e.g. when you try to move a volume to a server with gigabytes left and it turns out the volume is terabytes big. Use volid to get the path of the volume on the AFS server and run du against it to get the correct volume size.

There's a bunch of stuff you'll need admin access to, like

  • user/admin Kerberos account
  • system:administrators AFS group
  • admin and bxadmins group in LDAP
  • admin passwords for the switches, printers, etc.
  • key/card access to Wartik 509, MSC W-006
  • /afs/bx/admin/private
  • Admin access for handing out CCGB STA accounts (talk to Melissa for this)
  • probably other stuff I'm forgetting