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Lab mates

Hi, the is the wiki "HOME" for Hardison Lab. Everyone is welcome to edit it. This contains our laboratory protocols and other resources.

If you are a visitor and interested in the lab projects, please go this way to the Hardison lab homepage.
If you are a member of this lab, you can use your login name and password to access our database: HLab:HardisonData or view meeting notes.



CladiMo search tool for conserved motifs.

MAF browser - an interactive Flash tool for exploring MAF alignment files.

BX Browser - a mirror of the UCSC Genome Browser with tracks from Hardison lab added

Mery Browser - login required, a mirror like above with unpublished data


Weekly Genomics Seminar schedule

Laboratory Protocols


Various techniques and approaches get re-invented frequently. This section is devoted to keep that from happening.

Publications and Posters

Computing at BX


Or, if you just want to have some fun here, well, usually we are not joking during work, but check this: For Fun